Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 3

I hate dieting.
My legs hurt.

And making it worse - I cannot find any Mrs Crockers Ceasar salads on the shelves at the supermarket.

No "bedtime latte" last night and no "in-car latte" this morning - could feel a headache coming on by the time I reached the office - straight down to Aromatic Espresso on the ground floor to get my fix.

Took a 'SPIN' class at Genesis during lunchtime. Discovered that its not so easy to stand and pedal and that bike seats are s uncomfortable and small. Or is it just that my bum is too big? Where did that bike seat go?

Speed bench last night - 40k 8x3 with green jump bands. Darren showed me his neat invention for attaching the bands to the bar - slide on hooks. Work real well too!
Flat dumbell press: worked up to 50lb dumbells 4x8 (not over doing it)
Cable face pulls: up to 110 4x10
Overhead dumbell press: 20lb dumbells 4x10 (again light - need to ease my shoulder back into work after injury)

Night off tonight. Might laze in a salt bath for 1/2 hour tonight


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Suzy said...

Those spin bike seats are horrible! Back in the day when I used to do spin it took a couple of weeks of doing spin to get used to them, the top of my inner thighs and butt used to ache for days after doing spin.