Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 1

I hate dieting!


Start weight: 71.2kg
Target weight: 67.4kg
Time allowed: 10 weeks

Key, I think, will be to reduce the no of latte's per day - thus reducing dairy intake - off to a flying start - NOT. 4 latte's by 11am. hmmm none this after noon tho'. I should also reduce my caffeine intake to see if I can get this creatine to work - will start a cycle and load next week- lets get the caffeine under control first.

Out of supplements (again!!)
Co-enzyme Q10
Fish oil

Will trip into the city later this week and refill.

Tonight: Squat training (yay belt and wraps allowed at last!)



Stu said...

I thought that the effects of creatine were negated with caffeine???

Suzy said...

Good luck! I hate dieting, I've started again now, tore my hamstring about 3 weeks ago which has pinched my sciatic nerve so I can't exercise (hell I can barely walk) so I figure it would be better to lose some weight instead of lying on the couch eating choc all day *Mmmmm...Chocolate*