Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 9

Weight 69.1 kg

Good progress - can probably afford to eat up a bit more.

First 'programmed' cardio session at Genesis today, 15 mins on the treadmill, 1 minute intervals of incline walk and flat jogging, followed by 15 mins cross trainer - again 1 min intervals, hard and easy. Heart rate thru the roof hit 170 at the 12 minute mark on the crosstrainer - yes, am unfit!!

The impact from running was also noticed by my foot - not so much my dodgy toe itself - but rather the ball area underneath. Might be worth a visit to the podiatrist and get my orthotic inserts adjusted - haven't done that since the operation, he might be able to alleviate some of the pressure thru the orthotic.

Mojo still pretty sore at the weekend - he's looking at retirement, for a while at least. Perhaps the warmer weather will help... when it comes. In the meantime Madii is saving up for a new horse.

Off for a weekend away in Sydney with Leigh this weekend coming. Heading up Friday afternoon and will probably train at City gym later in the evening. Leigh has some business to conduct on Saturday, leaving me with a morning to go exploring - probably catch the ferry across to Manly for brunch. Then I'm on pager in the afternoon. Out for dinner Saturday night - no idea where... I'm sure we'll find something nice. Maybe train Sunday morning and then brunch down Darling harbor and do the touristy things down there. A cruise perhaps and visit to aquarium - our own mini 'survivor sydney' as we attack each other, see who ends up in the harbour or the shark tank etc etc....

Squats last night - 115kg, dropped the bar once and had some help from Pepe who was spotting me - but only for one rep....
Partials have hit a sticking point, Leigh is going to rethink our tactics on this. Bottom squats - as always a hard slog 5x5.

Think we may have convinced Mil to join us for training and to enter Nationals too. Jason seems to be a lost cause to the world of bodybuilding. Gay - as Leigh would say!

Bench tonight - Yay!


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