Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Nov 17

Training plans a little messed up on Saturday, so settled for some arm work: close grip presses, french presses, reverse cables, ez-bar curls, machine curls....
Breakfast at the cafe around the corner afterward.

Sunday afternoon squat:
warmed up to 5x5 @ 82.5 (raw/raw)
Low box squats (belt and lightwraps) 70kg 4x5 too easy with equipment but engages the hips better.
Bottom hack squats 30kg 4x8
Leg extensions - crap not doing these any more, every 2nd rep I could feel my knee cap slipping out of place - doesn't hurt but is totally off putting and who knows what damage it might be doing.

No residual soreness today, Benching tonight at Definition. Plan is to stick with 70kg 5x5 until it feels easy. Deadlifting later in the week, maybe Wednesday.

Another failed attempt at getting my Toppy to connect to the wireless network last night - feeling quite frustrated by this network issue. Everthing else can connect to the wireless network - why not the Topfield 7100? Will see if disabling the WEP security works.

Working from home today and tomorrow - aka working in pjamas :-)


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