Monday, November 03, 2008


In limbo, homeless. The change is underway. Some will know what this means, but until the transition is complete I feel lost

Thursday night squat and deadlift. A brief chat with Paul Nay, CAPO president, Jojo and their training partner (I am so bad with names) who, if I understood correctly, may be competing in IPF here.

warmed up to 80kg then 5x5

First full on deadlift since the comp, an easy 80kg 5x5
Played with 140kg, but my hands were soft and not gripping the bar , bit like the guy at the olympics, my hand wouldn't stay closed around the bar. Left it alone as my head was not in the right place for anything big.

Friday - legs sore! I've really become unaccustomed to reps....

Brought home the new baby Friday night, a Toppy 7100, $650 from 'The Good Guys' Nunawading and HDMI cable for $45 (was 70). Pretty happy with those prices. Ripped out the old set top box and DVD recorder and hooked up the Toppy. Worked nicely out of the box. Spent Saturday on the couch fiddling with it and installing the lastest firmware so that IceTV would work. Couldnt get it to connect with my wireless network, but once I hooked up the ethernet cable it was fine. Still I want to get it going wireless so I'll get onto that tomorrow.

Gorgeous day yesterday, mowed the grass (again) - such a big job. Got a blister on my littte finger. Fell asleep in the recliner watching Indianna Jones 4.

Today (raining) - working from home, it's 1pm and I'm still in my PJ's. Tomorrow Cup day holiday, plenty of time to mess with the Toppy. I might even make a start on the DARC webpage. Taking Madii into Fitzroy to Atomica for a latte this afternoon. Will train at Definition tonight. Bench stuff and squeeze in a couple of hours tomorrow for legs again - accessory stuff.

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