Friday, November 07, 2008

Sore all over.

Training like a bodybuilder hurts - LOL - only because they are movements to which my body has become unaccustomed. dumbell bench, flyes, bicep curls.... my body hurts! Never mind I plough on.

Deadlift-y stuff last night. (back to powerlifting basics)
Rack pulls @ knee level - warmed up to 140kg for 5x5 with belt and straps - note to self adjust belt out one notch (yes the weight is coming back on.... bang on 70kg)
Then just for a bit of fun went for a 1 rep max, 150x3 160x2 170x1 180 fail. Just a bit knackered by then.

Dumbell shrugs - 50x12 60x10 75x10 x2
Dumbell snatch thing-y - never done this before so very light while getting technique right. 10x8 12.5x8 15x8 20x8
Cable pull thru's - 100x12 120x10 140x8 x2

Toddled into the city yesterday - replenish my supply of supplement from Evelyn Faye. $128.00 later I have just 3 bottles of goodies: Glucosamine, multi-vitamin and CoQ10 - Ouch. I had dropped all my supplements bar fishoil and glucosamine after the comp, but its time start loading again. I still have half a tub of creatine and half a tub of glutamine, so have started back on them. The loading phase for creatine is always difficult. I drink coffee way too often and rarely have an empty stomach! (LOL) I think there are some creatine's that don't need loading - I'll look into that when I run out, although I'm still not convince that creatine does all that much for me personally. Some of the other supplements I'll leave until I'm in a competition cycle. I don't believe in supplementing all year round - I feel it devalues the benefit (and it devalues my bank account).

Today my traps are sore... Thankfully tonight is rest night, my only one this week. Tomorrow afternoon squatting at Doherty's - my membership has runout - hopefully Tony will be there and I can get a good deal with him to rejoin.

I'm hoping to get down to DARC tomorrow morning, although the weather is looking pretty nasty. Just want to get in one lesson - I haven't ridden for such a long time, a few months at least. Probably not the best thing to do before squatting but no chance on Sunday - I'll be wayyyy to sore from riding to even consider training.

Finished reading the latest book by Lynda LaPlante 'Deadly Intent'. Now I have nothing to read :-( :-( Started re-reading Red Dahlia, with a sense of deja-vu strangely enough. This is why I've never re-read any of my books in the past.... Both Madii and Leah do it all the time..... Ughhh. Got hold of DEXTER season 3, but only the first 6 episodes. There'll be a DEXTER-FEST over the weekend with Madii :-)

Still on the todo list:
Configure the Toppy to connect wirelessly
Change the network from DHCP to Static (better see what address is available outside DHCP)
Create website for DARC


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