Monday, November 10, 2008


Not walking like an Egyptian... walking like a cowboy.

Not riding for a couple of months will do that to you. No matter how hard I train legs there's nothing like going for a ride to kill your inner thighs. I was thinking of deadlifting on Tuesday - forget it, I'll aim for Thursday, maybe then I will have recovered.

Did train legs Saturday afternoon - after riding as planned. Lacked a bit of spark, speed work (supposedly) 9sets of 3reps at 80kg, followed by ultra low box squats at 60kg - fun. Then out for dinner down Lygon street.

Madii rode on Sunday afternoon. Clear round in show jumping and one refusal on the cross country. We're all (all 3 of us) unfit. Mojo held up well - no sign of lameness (touch wood). Still supplementing his feed with glucosamine but no BZT's at the moment.

And on the supplement line... Chatted to Tony Torcasio From MAX's at Doherty's on Saturday, Leigh had been telling him about my successful lifts at Nationals. This also prompted me to check my supplies when I got home.... ughh getting low on my post workout protein shakes and I'd really like to try Max's Reload HGF... However I still haven't renewed my Doherty's membership and I need some new equipment ie: bench shirt and some bits n pieces for when I compete next year... so the supplements are gonna have to wait....


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