Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Nov 17

Watched the funniest show last night. Nip/Tuck. Its on quite late and I just happened to chance on it last night, I know its been around for a while but I had never seen an episode. Hilarious, strange but hilarious! Have setup the Toppy to record this each week.

Talking of the Toppy - yes I finally mastered the network issue. I needed to have a 10 digit hex passkey - I had only setup a 5 character ascii key. Found this juicy little tidbit on the Topfield forum. Nowhere is it documented that this is required. Anyway, this messed up the laptops and my Dopod, had to change the passkey's on them also. End result: I now have the wireless modem/router over by the window were it gets the best 3G reception and everything connects, IceTv & Interactive is working, I can ping the Toppy and FTP to and from it !! Yay!!

Benched but still didnt crack the 5x5 on 70. 5 sets of 3 reps was best with belt on. Funny how 60 can fly up for 8 reps easy, just a little 10kg more and flat!
Dumbell press: 45lbx8 55lbx8 65lbx4 55lbx6 50lbx6
Doh - should have done some flyes....
Rope pulls 100 x8 4sets
Wide grip rows 110 x8 4sets
Ab crunches 3x20


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