Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 12

Benched Monday as planned - wasn't feeling particularly strong and the 40kg warmups felt really heavy. Still, fought thru 5 sets of 3reps at 70kg, I did cheat some what by having my belt on. Lockouts @ 80kg were also lack lustre. Tricep JM presses, still protecting my elbows... then Chest supported rows 35kg each side: 2 sets of 8 and 2 sets of 6 followed by pulldowns 15,15,15,10 V-handle, wide, reverse, wide...

No training last night - stayed in and did the nerd thing - played with my toppy. Still no luck getting wireless working. I've downloaded some instruction off the Topfield forum which has some extra steps, but I wont get around to trying these out until Friday or at the weekend. Installed Icetv onto my Facebook page but its reporting some dodgy error which I've reported on the forum.

Traffic along the eastern freeway has been shocking the past few days - how is that on a freeway we can come to a complete halt and then crawl, stop, crawl, stop and then suddenly if frees up and back to doing 80k... then suddenly stopped again. Hoddle street / Punk road has also been bad and I've been getting to office after 8... Great case for working from home!

Managed to get off my seat at work today and sit outside in the sun - so nice. Just sat out the front of the building and soaked in some vitamin D for 10 mins.

Off to Leah and Andrew's tonight to try and figure out a problem they are having connecting/resyncing her IPOD.... Jack of all trades...

Tomorrow night - Deadlift training

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